How Can I Help? Volunteers

Opportunities for Volunteers & Work Groups: 

Lisa Lopes Foundation seeks volunteers who have a burning desire, appropriate talents, and some background & experience to help make a positive difference in the lives of at risk youth in Atlanta and impoverished Honduran children.

Just about everyone at LLF is a volunteer

We welcome volunteers of any race, religion or country of origin.

In Honduras...

Volunteers can enter Honduras on a tourist visa that is renewed every 90 days. LLF volunteers pay their own traveling and incidental expenses. These are volunteer positions so there is no salary.  We can generally be flexible in accommodating your preferred starting date.

Please fill out our volunteer application form. There are many projects underway that will need coordination, planning and labor.

Lisa Lopes Medical Center:

LLF also needs Medical and Dental brigades to help. Medical and dental assistance is invaluable to us and to the children we care for. Engineers Without Borders, Medical Brigades, Religious Groups, Student teams, etc. are all invited to contact us for further information.

In Metro Atlanta...

LLF actively recruits volunteers in metro Atlanta to assist us with our local programs, grant writing, working with children, website maintenance etc. If you have skills that can benefit LLF in accomplishing our goals send an email to or fill out an application form and email it to us.

Since volunteers will be working with children, we retain the right to terminate the services of anyone insensitive to the children’s emotional and physical situation or not meeting ethical and moral standards.

Please fill out the LLF Application Form click to download and send inquiries to:

Note: Save the form to your desktop, fill it out, and then attach the form to an email.

Thank You!

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