The U.S. Education Secretary, Arne Duncan said it best, "I believe that education is the civil rights issue of our generation. And if you care about promoting opportunity and reducing inequality and social injustice, the classroom is the place to start."

The Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes Foundation (LLF) and Innovative Approaches, LLC believe that “positive” music with an inspirational message is one of our best “allies” in the fight for education. On behalf of LLF, we would like to present a group of scholars and teachers from elementary and middle schools in the Metro Atlanta Area known as the “New Knerds”. Knerds stand for: Knowledgeable-Educated-Relentlessly-Driven-Scholars. The New Knerds have created a platform known as “World War E…the New Fight for Education (WWE).” The WWE Movement provides a venue for these scholars to volunteer their time and talents, as a means of motivating students; particularly those in urban and underserved communities. The New Knerds firmly believe that motivation is the “key” component to ensuring that our future leaders become most successful!

There is a war and a fight for your education and the NEW KnERDS have made it their mission to serve on the “Frontline of Defense for this Fight!” We want to take “action” and show traditional schools that hope is NOT lost. We want to take “action” and show children in urban school settings there are alternatives to violence and FAILURE is not an option.

The New KnERDS are a group of Scholars from Metro Atlanta determined to take "ownership" in their learning and motivate other students to do the same! Please share this video with others and visit to hear songs from their new CD "Borderline Geniuses". The New KnERDS perform live at various events for FREE, to influence educators and parents to innovatively approach each child as a borderline genius! Let's unite and influence stations everywhere to play GOOD music with a GREAT message!

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